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"Camp Wellness is like coming home."


The goal of Camp Wellness is to enhance your knowledge, skills, health and wellness.

You may be eligible to attend if you are an adult with an SMI determination from these counties served by Cenpatico:

  • Cochise
  • Gila
  • Graham
  • Greenlee
  • La Paz
  • Pima (October 2015)
  • Pinal
  • Santa Cruz
  • Yuma

Come have fun while improving your health!


  • Learn how to choose healthy meals, exercise safely and make smart lifestyle choices.
  • Explore the functions of the human body and how to keep it healthy.
  • Join exciting, fun games with fellow students and Health Mentors.
  • Win awesome prizes for attending, including University of Arizona apparel.
  • Field trips to local attractions and evening social activities end each fun day!
  • Experience a positive, challenging and supportive environment of learning.
  • Students are provided transportation to Tucson and will stay in a nearby hotel with a swimming pool!
  • While in Tucson, students are provided delicious meals.
  • When Camp Wellness comes to your area, the Health Mentors you met in Tucson will be there helping you continue to meet your goals in your community!

How do I apply to attend Camp?

Click here to download our application packet.

  • Speak with your Case Manager for a CSA referral and to add a wellness goal to your ISP.
  • Sign a Release of Information form for Camp Wellness.
  • Speak with your Case Manager for a CSA referral for transportation provided by Community Intervention Associates and include transportation services on your ISP.
  • Once your application is approved, you will be notified when to start Camp!

Camp Schedule through June

Summer 2015 Camp 33 Schedule



Important student information

Packing Checklist

Hotel Information

Area Map


Camp Staff

Connie Proctor - Health Mentor
Julie Croteau - Health Mentor
Michele Keller - Health Mentor
Paige Maier-Bunas - Health Mentor
Rebecca Hyson - Health Mentor
Brenda Nunez-Lopez - Camp Nurse

Andy Bernstein - Clinical Director
Cheryl Glass - Camp Director
Randa Kutob - Camp Doctor & Medical Director
Shirley Moody - Billing Specialist
Pamela Wagner - Center Support

Health Mentors are Certified Recovery Support Specialists (CRSS) - people with lived experience navigating the behavioral health system who have been trained and certified to provide recovery tools and services including peer support, skills training and other services. CRSSs are also known as "peer support specialists" or "peer providers".

Class Descriptions

Food & Nutrition
Come learn how to fuel your body with smart food choices. We’ll learn how to build a healthy diet, read food labels, eat on the go, plan meals for the week ahead, shop the sales, maximize coupons, and save money! Includes ways to improve a food box, and much more!

Cooking Skills
Sick of fast food and dinners that come in a box? We’ll learn how to cook tasty, healthy meals that won’t break the bank. We will eat a healthy meals together each day at the Center.

Come visit our facility, where you’ll take part in Supported Physical Activity (SPA). SPA is co-taught by local gym staff and our own peer counselors. You’ll learn safe, effective, fun exercises to shape your waist and tone up both body and mind, at home or in the gym.

Health Education
Come learn everything you ever wanted to know about major parts of the body and common diseases. Spend time with Dr. Kutob and our marvelous theatrical staff!
Learn different ways of improving mindfulness, by practicing relaxation, deep breathing, positive thinking, guided imagery, and other techniques. Come clear your mind and discover all that Camp Wellness has to offer!

Stress Management and Hardiness
In this class, we’ll learn a variety of ways to deal with daily hassles to increase your strength, patience and emotional well-being. Each class ends with a deep relaxation exercise, so you’ll leave the class feeling peaceful and refreshed.
Tobacco-Free Lifestyles
Wish you could quit, but don’t know how? You’ve tried quitting a million times but just can’t stay off? Do you have a friend who needs to quit, and you’d like to help? Learn ways to create a tobacco-free lifestyle. We’ll explore fun facts about tobacco and ways to reduce your tobacco use or quit altogether. Apply what you learn to other lifestyle changes!

Contact a Health Mentor at (520) 396-2310 or toll free at (844) 396-2310 and enroll today!

Upcoming Events

Center News

May & June Alumni Calendars Available Now

MAY brings a brand new class "Drumming for Wellness" and lots of golden oldies! June is busy including field trips to Sabino Canyon, sign up today!

Come see what Camp Wellness has to offer!



Great News!

Exciting things are coming for Camp Wellness now that Cenpatico won the contract for ALL of Southern Arizona! We will keep you informed as to what that looks like as we know. Until then, please read the details here.

New Poster & Brochure Now Available!

Click here for a downloadable, printable poster and brochure announcing Camp Wellness. We look forward to serving even more students in the upcoming months!


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